Today in the city Muncie 21.06.2018
2 charts show that crime has dropped as immigration rises in the US

The Trump administration has argued that its new "zero-tolerance" immigration policy will lead to less crime. Research suggests the opposite is true. As immigration rates have climbed over the past fo...

Muncie Girls' Pop-Punk Blast 'Picture Of Health' Is Absolutely Fetching

For Fixed Ideals, out Aug. 31, the U.K. pop-punk trio sharpens its sound by slowing down (just a smidge) to make a bigger impact.

The Dodgers Are Back in Contention Thanks to a Host of Unlikely Contributors

The Dodgers looked like they were finished to start the season. Now, thanks to some unlikely contributors, they're back in contention.

Max Muncy's home runs, ninth-inning rally help Dodgers sweep Rockies in slugfest

The exodus began about 30 seconds after the baseball left Yasmani Grandal’s bat. As Grandal touched home plate in the ninth inning of Sunday’s 10-7 Dodgers victory over Colorado, a wave of purple-clad...

Dodgers infielder Max Muncy prepares for time at second base

As part of their endless quest to mine value out of their roster, members of the Dodgers’ coaching staff led infielder Max Muncy through drills at second base before Tuesday’s game against the Philade...

Cyclist desperately swerves to avoid running over goslings

A cyclist travelling on a cycle path in the US narrowly avoids Canada goose goslings that run out into the road without looking. The clip, filmed in Muncie, Indiana on May 18, demonstrates why you s...

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